Sami Zayn on The Bloodline: "The first time there was any sort of interaction.."


Sami Zayn on The Bloodline: "The first time there was any sort of interaction.."

Sami Zayn spoke to Peter Rosenberg's "Cheap Heat" podcast about being part of the WWE main event. Zayn is excited about everything. He is especially happy for his fans. “What is interesting and really rewarding for me is that I kind of treat everything I do like it’s the most important thing on the show, but this is the first time where it’s actually the most important thing on the show, so it’s the first time that like my level of investment is returned equally by the fans level of investment and that’s because I’ve been plugged on the top of the card with the guy that they’re used to investing all their energy into which is Roman and The Bloodline.

It’s awesome to get that level of engagement and that level of investment from an audience”. - he said, as quoted by

Sami Zayn and The Bloodline

Sami Zayn couldn't help but mention Bloodline and the whole story around it.

“Well, I won’t pull the curtain back too, too much, but the idea kicked around just about a year ago, actually. So it was actually a good six months before even the seeds were planted on screen. Because the first time I think there was any sort of interaction of myself and The Bloodline was just after WrestleMania.

In actuality, the idea was first discussed going into Survivor Series of last year. I was doing this whole thing when I was on SmackDown, I was the longest tenured member of SmackDown as the locker room leader, and I just thought there’d be something really interesting there with the locker room leader and the head of the table.

The premise sort of being that, well, you know, the head of the table isn’t in that locker room anymore. He needs eyes and ears sort of on the ground. I wasn’t originally envisioning being a full blown member of The Bloodline or anything like that, just something to where Roman and I can occasionally get on screen together in a sort of light hearted way and I’m kind of giving him these reports of what’s going on and here’s what you need to be careful for, and every once in a while, I get some things kicked my way too. That was just sort of the idea”.