"The Rock should admit he uses steroids," said UFC podcaster

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"The Rock should admit he uses steroids," said UFC podcaster

Steroid use has once again become a topic of discussion lately with UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan turning his attention to The Rock. Rogan asked WWE Hall Of Famer Dwayne Johnson, commonly known as "The Rock" despite his acting fame, is he candid and admits that he uses steroids.

Not to shame the 50-year-old Black Adam star, but rather to force Brian Johnson to behave properly to his impressionable audience. Brian Johnson became famous on social media for eating raw liver, as his stardom increased he repeatedly dismissed claims that he was using steroids, but he has since been proven to be lying.

Leaked documents showed he had ordered and used significant quantities of the performance enhancers, forcing him to come clean on social media.

"The Rock should admit he uses steroids," said UFC podcaster

On The Rock: "There's not a chance he's clean.

No chance. Someone as big as The Rock at 50? He's so massive and he's so different even from when he was 30. I think it's impossible." Rogan added that high-profile figures have a responsibility to be honest with their followers: "There's a responsibility you have to the people who see you.

If you don't want to talk about it, that's one thing. But if you do talk about it there is a responsibility you have to everyone who listens to you and i think you have to be honest about it which is why i am honest about it i dont think there is anything that glamorous about taking steroids but you have to admit it and be sincere." Though he hasn't wrestled an authentic match in several years, Dwayne The Rock Johnson will reportedly return to action at WrestleMania 39 to face Roman Reigns.