WWE makes a shocking offer to Becky Lynch!

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WWE makes a shocking offer to Becky Lynch!

During a Q&A made by Gorilla Position in 2019, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins told, among other things, when WWE made an absurd creative proposal to The Man, which he categorically rejected. The former Raw Women's Champion revealed that the idea wasn't even part of a story or feud, which could have justified the request.

One writer simply asked The Man to shave her head. "Oh yeah, yeah… No, it wasn't even in a storyline in WWE. That's the whole idea I got from one of the WWE writers. He was like, What if Becky shaves her head? That was pretty much all I was told.

It wasn't something I did on TV. It wasn't about me losing my hair in a match. It was just, 'What if Becky was bald?' I was like, 'No!'"

WWE makes a shocking offer to Becky Lynch

Before the 38th edition of WrestleMania, while Becky Lynch was feuding with Bianca Belair, something happened that left everyone quite speechless, namely EST cut Big Time Becks' hair during a segment on Raw.

This thing forced Becky Lynch to go to the hairdresser to try to fix Bianca Belair's improvised cut as she could and in the end a kind of mullet came out that reminded everyone of the hair of Hayley Williams of Paramore's early days on stage.

Becky kept this hairstyle for some time before going back to wearing hair extensions, which she still wears today, even if someone didn't already like her reaction after the cut in the ring: Vince Russo said: "The thing that most bewildered was Becky Lynch's reaction after realizing that her hair had been cut.

What did Becky do? She tried to put her hair back. I couldn't believe my eyes. After they cut your hair in the middle of the ring, do you have a reaction like that? You should run backstage to find Bianca Belair to destroy her."

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