The impressive physical change of Bianca Belair

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The impressive physical change of Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair before joining WWE she did weightlifting competitions and was also an extraordinary athlete on the track, in fact her sports skills are a symbol of how she fights even inside the square. So, to go back to the old days, she decided to participate in a competition dedicated to bobybulding and the results are impressive, because EST has shared some photos on social networks where she shows off her body carved in marble, describing something on his journey by opening up to the fans and also revealing that he had won something in the race.

“For the past 10 weeks I have been training for the @wbffentertainment Pro Atlantic City Pro Am, and this weekend all of that hard work was shown on stage! I will post more photos throughout the day for results. -Bi*kini- Made by me.

This journey has taught me so much about myself and how I've grown and evolved from that high school and college kid who was obsessed with being the best, but went too far and overtrained constantly. The little girl who had such an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled with eating disorders that even years later as an adult she couldn't even hear the word diet without being annoyed.

I wanted to push myself, challenge myself… see if I could push without going overboard, see if I'd learned to listen to my body, see if I could diet again and be in control of myself without hitting rock bottom. I really faced my fears with this one.

I invested these 10 weeks to get to know myself again and set off to discover myself on a journey made of love, commitment and dedication towards myself. It has been physically difficult to find the time to train consistently between my WWE calendar which includes road trips, being on TV, traveling internationally to Mexico and Saudi Arabia, doing historic matches like Ladder Match, Last Woman Standing Match, and the 45 minute one in the War Games the week before the competition!

It was hard, but I gave my all… Sometimes after my matches and shows I was right there in the gym late at night doing my workouts and eating ready meals to continue my diet… but as physically demanding as it was, it was even more so mentally.

I have evolved. I have matured. I am in control of myself. I learned the importance of balance and now I'm listening to my body! I have completely fallen in love with who I have become and will forever be grateful for this journey.

Thank you @wbffentertainment for welcoming me into your world with open arms and providing me with a space where I could also introduce myself without feeling guilty and a space I could use to navigate this personal journey!

I felt at home! Fitness + FASHION!!!! I'm in! And thanks to my amazing trainer @n8fitness!!!"