Sasha Banks will earn an impressive amount from NJPW

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Sasha Banks will earn an impressive amount from NJPW

Sasha Banks would be ready to come back in the world of professional wrestling, but not in WWE, in fact she could appear very soon in New Japan Pro Wrestling. A new report said significantly more than what Chris Jericho earned during his last run with NJPW, which would have been used or offered to sign Mercedes Varnado at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

The Voices of Wrestling report she stressed that this will make her the highest paid wrestler at Bushiroad, which owns both NJPW and STARDOM, for a single gig. It is obviously still unknown whether or not if the wrestler will actually participate in the event and whether she will do it as a free agent or under contract with WWE, but for now Dave Meltzer seems convinced that The Legit Boss will not return to Stamford.

Sasha Banks will earn an impressive amount from NJPW

This news was initially reported by PWInsider, with reporter Mike Johnson venturing out stating: "Mercedes Varnado aka Sasha Banks of WWE, is expected to be at New Japan Pro Wrestling event Wrestle Kingdom 17 next month, according to several close sources.

to the situation. While it is unknown if Varnado will appear before live audiences, we are told that NJPW is bringing Varnado to the event." Speaking on his Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on the report saying: "Voices of Wrestling said it was a deal to appear with the highest price Bushiroad has ever paid anyone, and they said it was more than Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho made $100,000 a time when he worked for NJPW. I don't see him making that much, but I think we'll find out. One thing is one Tokyo Dome show, but other shows like this, with many in the US as well, they couldn't generate an extra $100,000 in revenue."

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