Randy Orton's health would be worrying

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Randy Orton's health would be worrying

Sources close to WWE have reported that it would be a half miracle to see Randy Orton in the ring again, thanks to his age and the nature of his injury. According to various American media reports, it would appear that doctors advised Randy Orton against returning to the ring.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, the former SmackDown general manager Teddy Long said: "Randy is a great friend of mine, I've always had a great time with him. I just hope he makes the right decision. Wrestlers like Edge or Kurt Angle have chosen to return to the ring despite suffering from serious injuries and doctors have advised against it.

Everyone is free to decide what to do. I hope Randy does the right thing. If the doctors have advised him against returning to the ring, I also suggest that he stay away from the ring. Of course, it's also a question of money."

Randy Orton's health would be worrying

It is no coincidence that experts have begun to wonder what Randy Orton's role in the company could be if he does not return to the ring.

The Viper could work backstage, putting his experience at the service of young talent like Shawn Michaels did. Alternatively, The Master of the RKO could be looking to make it into film by following in the footsteps of Batista, John Cena, and The Rock.

The prolonged absence of Randy Orton has thrown fans into despair, as well as having represented a major blow to WWE. The Viper was living a sort of second youth alongside Matt Riddle, with whom he had created a bizarre and extravagant alliance.

The 'Legend Killer' looked so fit that many insiders thought he could win his 15th world title in 2023. Unfortunately, the scenario changed dramatically when it was announced that Randy had sustained a serious injury in the back.

His last appearance was last May, when he joined forces with Matt Riddle to face The Usos on SmackDown. Orton recently underwent lower back fusion surgery and there is no firm date for his return.

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