The Undertaker revealed when WWE decided to end his streak

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The Undertaker revealed when WWE decided to end his streak

In the WWE documentary dedicated to the Brothers of Destruction, Kane and The Undertaker wanted to talk about the Deadman's famous streak, with the undertaker's ring half-brother who wanted to underline how according to him the end of the streak was the result of an error in the match, with an ending not written in that way, which left him quite embittered.

To these words, Undertaker wanted to respond to how things really went, with the Deadman who revealed after years: "I walked into the arena that day and went over, right? We had a great fight and when I showed up I immediately went over but during the course of the day, Vince had already come up to me and told me he had changed his mind.

And I was like, okay? I told him, well, I don't think Brock needs it, but at the end of the day, it's your show, you call it. If you're sure about this, that's what we'll do. And then it's a part of the business, of course. That's what we'll do.

I thought someone like Roman would be better. I think Roman would have been fine."

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar

Two of the characters who have made the most of the recent history of WWE, in the last 20 years, respond to the names of The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

Though the two are completely different ages and careers, they still managed to twist the history of the pro-wrestling world with their own hands, with The Undertaker spanning virtually every era of pro-wrestling from 1990 to the present, while instead Brock Lesnar has always gotten straight to the point, with an impact and impetuosity that only he has managed to bring to the rings around the world.

Between the two, there have also been some feuds in WWE that have changed the course of the federation's storylines and that have literally marked the end of a course, such as the Wrestlemania 30 match, where Brock Lesnar was the first and until then only athlete to interrupt the Deadman's unbeaten streak, after 21 consecutive matches won.

From then on, for Brock Lesnar there were almost only huge victories, both in the Grandaddy of Them All and in all the other PPVs of the company in which he took part. If Undertaker has now decided to leave active wrestling, confirming his retirement at the 2020 Survivor Series, there was a second youth for Brock Lesnar, which brought him directly into the main event of Wrestlemania, with the WWE title at his side, in a Winner Take All match against Roman Reigns, the Universal champion, which however was lost by the Beast.

The Undertaker