Charlotte Flair: "Maybe I'll be less Evil Queen!"

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Charlotte Flair: "Maybe I'll be less Evil Queen!"

Interviewed by Megan Morant on the show The SmackDown LowDown, Charlotte Flair just talked about the fact that she was shocked by the chants thanks Charlotte and by the crowd who welcomed her back with open arms, making her take off that armor she used to protect herself and who wore her to play the Evil Queen.

She said: "I may have shocked everyone last week, but tonight everyone shocked me. Did you hear the backing vocals. Thank you Charlotte? It's going to take some getting used to. Just hearing this makes me feel like I don't have to be so defensive.

For the past two years, I felt like I always had to put my armor on whenever I was in the ring. How they welcomed me, I don't know, it makes me feel good, it makes me want to smile while I'm out there. It makes me say: Be a little less Evil Queen." When for most of your career you're used to playing a role in the wrestling rings, it's obviously difficult for you to readjust even though you're one of the best workers in the world of professional wrestling and the same thing happened to Charlotte Flair recently.

Charlotte Flair: "Maybe I'll be less Evil Queen!"

In fact The Queen returned on December 30, 2022 as a baby face by defeating Ronda Rousey and taking home the SmackDown champion belt by becoming the People's Queen and gaining the trust of the WWE Universe tired of seeing Rowdy in the role of champion with a failed run.

The problem, however, is that during the last episode of the blue show, after defeating Sonya Deville in a titled defense, the referee Jessika Carr recovered the belt, obviously handing it to its rightful owner, who however, forgetting to be face, used to being mean, she snatched it from her hands in a violent way and with a ferocious expression, only to then correct himself within a second, remedying it with a smile and a: Thank you, thank you, even if the fans on social media noticed it.

Obviously it's an honest mistake considering that The Queen has spent the last few years always being on the side of the bad guys, but in her own way it's also funny.

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