Kurt Angle: "When I first arrived in WWE everyone thought I was gay"

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Kurt Angle: "When I first arrived in WWE everyone thought I was gay"

In his autobiography, Kurt Angle wanted to reveal how in his WWE debut, in 1999, many were convinced that he was gay, due to the great attachment to his manager Dave Hawk. Regarding this matter, Kurt revealed after years: "I wasn't very convinced about my decision.

My manager, Dave Hawk, came with me to Stamford to try and help me, to be supportive and help me sign. We were in the room together in Stamford and the others thought about the time, even if they never told me then, that we were gay.

Dave did everything for me. It's funny as hell to think about that today, because Dave really did anything for me. He made me protein shakes. He washed my clothes. He even gave me neck massages. He simply wanted me to focus better on work and to be as comfortable as possible.

At the same time, in fact, I was torn between whether to continue working with Ostrim or whether to sign with the WWF. So everyone thought at the time that Dave and I were gay, which was a shock to my girlfriend at the time Karen and Dave's wife Tracey when they found out."

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After suffering the most disparate injuries in his career, such as breaking his neck twice or wearing out all the various cartilages in his legs or arms, it seems that now Kurt Angle will have a slightly less life painful and more comfortable in front of him, to reach an old age worthy of a great champion like him.

After the double operation, Angle had a very long period of rehabilitation ahead of him, with the wrestler confirming that he could no longer enter the ring even if he wanted to, with the WWE Hall of Famer who was also a guest on an episode by Monday Night Raw just a few months ago.

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