Ric Flair: "This is why Charlotte has been out of WWE so much"

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Ric Flair: "This is why Charlotte has been out of WWE so much"

During the penultimate episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired on FOX television screens, Charlotte Flair made her sensational return to the scene with WWE after months of absence, going to challenge Ronda Rousey in a titled match, after the Baddest Woman on the Planet already had her title match, against former NXT giantess Raquel Rodriguez.

After winning her match against Rodriguez, Ronda saw her former arch-rival fall on her, with whom she had also had a match at Wrestlemania Backlash, with Charlotte also appearing in the ring with a new theme song. In the end, Ronda accepted the match challenge from the WWE Queen, with Charlotte also sensationally managing to pin the champion with a quick roll-up after a few minutes, going on to win her fourteenth WWE world champion title.

Thus begins a new reign for the daughter of the Nature Boy, who is getting closer and closer to the record of her father Ric, in the last episode of the year of the blue show of the McMahon company.

Ric Flair reveals the reason for his daughter's absence

In his latest speech to the microphones of After The Bell, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, father of the champion of the blue show, wanted to reveal the main reason that kept his daughter away from the television screens of the McMahon company, with the Nature Boy who said: "I'm so happy for her, and they're very, very happy and you know what happened? It happened that when it was time she took a little break, where they weren't married yet and then she would have to go back to work.

The arm thing with Ronda and the fact that she got hit in the mouth in the same match, got her to fix her teeth, a problem that goes on after years of cheerleading and wrestling and whatever, but she needed some rest. I mean, sometimes it's good to go away for a while.

She certainly doesn't lose respect for her by losing to Ronda Rousey. I mean, I think it was a hell of a match and a great opportunity to be able to leave. She and Manny (Andrade ed) have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time together.

They bought a new house. I mean, they were really, really good together, but at the same time, I knew she wanted to come back. After a while, everything gets old and now I want to go back too."

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