Ric Fair: "Charlotte can beat my record"

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Ric Fair: "Charlotte can beat my record"
Ric Fair: "Charlotte can beat my record"

In the latest edition of the To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair reflected on the possibility of his daughter Charlotte breaking the record of 16 world titles: "I'm really happy that Charlotte is back in WWE after several months.

All the best. It's just became a 14-time world champion, an incredible achievement. Ashley (Charlotte's real name) is likely to equal or beat my record of 16 world titles. I think it's within her reach." In the latest edition of the Smack Talk podcast, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell explained why the company decided to focus again on Charlotte: "It was the last episode of the year and the new season was about to start.

I really Everyone liked this move by WWE, it left everyone speechless. They didn't want 2023 to start with Ronda Rousey as champion, which is understandable. Charlotte Flair has started a new cycle. WWE wants to go in a different direction in this start of the season, that's why they did it.

I think it was a smart move."

Charlotte Flair's come back

Charlotte Flair made her sensational return to SmackDown in the last episode of 2022. The Queen entered the ring and challenged Ronda Rousey without a second thought, managing to defeat her in just 41 seconds to win the SmackDown Women's Championship.

It has to be said that Rowdy was exhausted after setting up a stellar match with Raquel Rodriguez just minutes earlier. Interviewed in the latest episode of WWE The Bump, secondary broadcast of the McMahon company, the new champion of the blue show, Charlotte Flair, wanted to go back to talking about her father's titled record, after not wanting to make any statements about it for years.

"Before I was gone for eight months, I always said that I didn't really think about the number and that I never cared about surpassing that number, but now I'm almost there, I'm a 14 times world champion and my thoughts are to do it, I want to overtake him."

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