Road Dogg makes a confession about Chris Benoit's death

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Road Dogg makes a confession about Chris Benoit's death

In the latest edition of the Oh… You Didn't Know podcast, the former D-Generation X member Road Dogg claimed that the Chris Benoit tragedy didn't really change pro wrestling. Road Dogg explained: "I don't want to go back to that tragedy, it's been talked about too much over the years.

I don't think professional wrestling has changed because of the Chris Benoit tragedy, I think it's a lie. What did that story have to do with wrestling? Absolutely nothing. Taking a deeper look, one could say that the Benoit tragedy has made the environment a little safer.

I'm not saying that that horrific accident had to happen in order to make our business better, but something positive came out of it as well. I'm still very sorry to this day for everyone involved and I can't even imagine how any of his family members feel." On the latest edition of the Cheap Heat Productions podcast, former WWE star Rory McAllister provided more details on what went on behind the scenes in the hours following Chris Benoit's death.

He said: "After hearing the news of Chris Benoit's death, WWE worked tirelessly to dedicate the next episode of Raw to his memory. However, rumors began to circulate that there was something strange at the scene of the tragedy.

It is It was a really tough moment for everyone. I remember looking at Robbie and saying: What if we were doing all this for a man who killed his wife and child? We tried so hard to distract ourselves, but it was impossible to push that thought away.

" WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg never flinched when asked about sensitive topics. Chris Benoit's tragedy is an authentic taboo in this business, because it perhaps represents the blackest page in the history of WWE and wrestling in general.

WWE has never been the same after that cursed June 24, 2007, which marked a real watershed. The Canadian champion's career would certainly have guaranteed him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame, but his terrible actions have made him one of the most talked about and criticized characters in the world of wrestling.

Road Dogg and Chris Benoit shared the WWE locker room briefly between 2000 and 2001, before James was released in January 2001.