Dominik Mysterio: "I got into trouble because I lost a lot of planes"


Dominik Mysterio: "I got into trouble because I lost a lot of planes"

By now it seems that Judgment Day, especially Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley, are having fun breaking into Rey Mysterio's house during the various holiday periods. In fact, with a video posted on its social pages, WWE had wanted to share a video in November in which the two of Judgment Day, Dominik and Rhea, were filmed, who presented themselves directly to the luchador's house, trying to annoy the San Diego, who was at home resting in a leg brace with his family, during the American Thanksgiving dinner.

And also a few days ago, WWE again posted a video on social media where Dom Dom and Mami showed up at the Mysterios' house during the night of Christmas Eve, with the legendary luchador who asked Dominik to leave, with instead his wife Angie who tried to slap him, failing because Rhea blocked her hand and took the slap with the hand that was left free.

Shortly after, we saw the sirens of the police who arrived and handcuffed Dominik Mysterio and then took him to the car, without The Eradicator being able to do anything to save him. After a few days in jail, Dominik was released, with the son of the San Diego leprechaun returning to Raw with a brand new look.

Dominik and the plane problems encountered due to his delay

Apparently, Dominik Mysterio would not be a very precise person, with the same WWE athlete who wanted to tell in his last interview how in recent years he has had a slight heat towards him, due to the numerous plane flights missed from one city to another.

another of the United States, to reach the next stops of the company's tour. To the microphones of Keepin' It 100, Dominik in fact stated: "(Have you ever been scolded at a show?) Um, I don't think I've ever been scolded at a show, but they have at other times because they were mad at me as I have a reputation for missing flights!" Fortunately, Dominik Mysterio's delays have never been so sensational as to exclude him from WWE shows due to time issues, but very often the athlete was filmed because he had not arrived on time at the time set by the company.

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