Batista: "I was absolutely not ready to become world champion"

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Batista: "I was absolutely not ready to become world champion"
Batista: "I was absolutely not ready to become world champion"

In one of his last interviews released for the company, the WWE Animal, Batista, now a successful actor, wanted to talk about his first very important title victory, which arrived in the rings of Wrestlemania 21, where John Cena was consecrated as well as him as WWE Champion.

In this context, Batista claimed that he was not at all ready for what he would have to face, saying: "I can't believe what happened at this point because it all happened so fast, I went from being a background guy who never had any big plans to being the top guy in the company.

Now I'm the flag. Now I'm the one wearing the belt and I have a lot of responsibilities that come with that. I was so unprepared. I was not prepared and ready for what awaited me."

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Batista became famous all over the world thanks to his experience in WWE, a federation in which he played between 2002 and 2010 (then giving himself two other short stints in 2014 and 2019).

During his career, Dave held the Heavyweight Championship four times, the WWE Championship twice, the World Tag Team Championship three times, and the WWE Tag Team Championship once. As if that weren't enough, the athlete has won two editions of the Royal Rumble match (in 2005 and 2014).

The Animal played his last match at WrestleMania 35 against his great friend/nemesis Triple H, by whom he was defeated in a No Holds Barred match, considered by many members of the WWE Universe to be a bit cheesy and by others instead closing perfect of the WWE Animal's career, after starting with Evolution.

Batista, along with Randy Orton, John Cena and Brock Lesnar, are considered the best products of OVW, WWE's satellite company of the early 2000s, with the four wrestlers eventually becoming staples for the federation, so much so that they are counted among the best wrestlers of all time from the company.