"Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon don't like each other," said former WWE star

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"Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon don't like each other," said former WWE star

Two of the most important characters behind the scenes of the WWE, but at the same time also on-screen with the Stamford company, who have taken their work and their character to great levels in recent years, are Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman, both managerial faces, albeit with two different importance and weights.

Apparently, however, according to what was revealed in the latest episode of Cafe De Rene and reported later also by the Ringside News site, it seems that there hasn't been good blood between the two well-known characters for years.

René Duprée, a former Smackdown athlete from the early 2000s, thought about revealing the hatred between the two, who said in his personal podcast: "I know she doesn't like Paul Heyman. And Paul Heyman doesn't like her, yes.

He has been clear several times, even verbally, that they don't like each other. But if I had to choose just one of them, I would have chosen Stephanie over Paul."

Paul Heyman gives great words to Stephanie McMahon

Despite this hatred recounted by René Duprée, in one of his last interviews, released to the microphones of Ryan Satin for Out of Character, Paul Heyman still wanted to release big words towards the WWE Chairman's daughter, saying: "I like Stephanie McMahon because she's real and real out there. She's so authentic.

Whether or not she knows what you're going to say, she'll always be three steps ahead of you, all the time. If you're not four steps ahead of her, you'll always play tag with her. She's so invested in the character. It's the little nuances that she uses.

The way she sits there and she holds back a smile, but eventually the smile comes out and she pushes her way. A truly underrated performer and an interesting, intelligent and competitive person to be in the ring with, mic in hand. It can all change very quickly."