Naomi's incredible new look away from WWE!

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Naomi's incredible new look away from WWE!

Months after her last appearance on WWE TV screens, which now arrived in May last year, with former WWE main roster tag team champion Naomi, who had decided to leave the company during an episode of Monday Night Raw with the her partner Sasha Banks, the wife of Jimmy Uso has reappeared online with new shots.

The beautiful Naomi was in fact the protagonist of some high fashion shots for the L'Officiel Baltic Sports Edition. In these images, however, Naomi shows a completely different and new look compared to how fans of the WWE Universe remembered her, with Jimmy Uso's wife who in fact showed a new much shorter haircut, with straight hair and a serious look that not all of us were used to.

Naomi and the possibility of returning to WWE

After reading online that Bayley would also be a guest at Wrestle Kingdom, with the former WWE champion's tweet that initially seemed like a joke for the fans and instead turned out to be the truth, we also learned of the fact that Naomi and Bayley would only be in Japan to support their friend and former colleague Sasha Banks, with Sasha reportedly taking part in an actual card match at the event, while the two friends will be part of the evening's audience.

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, however, for Naomi the situation would be decidedly different, with Jimmy Uso's wife who is ever closer to returning to WWE, rather than landing in Japan or in another world reality.

As stated by the well-known journalist in one of his latest newsletters on the site, in fact: "They won't go to New Japan, Naomi and Bayley. Of course, there is no official information about Naomi, but the impression is that she is about to return to WWE.

Currently, you can report that my thoughts are that she will return to WWE because she will certainly return to WWE. I will only say this. Other than that, I have no idea what's going on out there."