Triple H praised Austin Theory: He listens to the crowd, he listens to the people

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Triple H praised Austin Theory: He listens to the crowd, he listens to the people

Austin Theory is doing great things in WWE and there is a lot of hype around him. His progress is visible, but Theory always sets his goal higher and wants to be the biggest star of this company. His talent was also recognized by the main man of WWE, Triple H.

“It’s a nuanced feeling… once you see this guy’s a great athlete, I’m looking for their personality, their charisma. Austin Theory has it, and then some. Do I think he has all the potential to be one of the biggest stars in the business? Absolutely.

What determines that? A lot of that is up to him now. You give him little bits of things here and there and he’s improving his game and he’s smart. He listens to the crowd, he listens to the people. He sees all the stuff that’s going on, and he adapts his game on a regular basis”.

- Triple H said, as quoted by

Mick Foley talks about Triple H

On the other hand, Mick Foley praised Triple H on his podcast. The departure of Vince McMahon worried many, but Triple H is doing a lot of good things right now.

“The company has been in a really good direction. There’s a reason why Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett changed up the book every six months. Whether it was needed or not, it was a pair of fresh ears and eyes on the product, and they all put their own stamps on it.

I think Hunter has had a chance to do that, and it’s a really fun show, with a lot of improvements made. I don’t know. I wouldn’t to be there because this is family, and now it’s become competition. I don’t know.

It sounds like it has the possibility of getting ugly. I do feel for Vince, and I care very much about Vince as a person. I’ve had my ups and downs with him over the years, but that’s been largely business. Always respected him, always genuinely liked him, and I want to make sure that this guy who meant so much to my life is happy.

Let’s see what happens. I was given the iggy a few months ago that something might be happening, and now it’s happening. It’s going to be interesting, for sure. But Vince coming around, you’re talking about a guy who literally stole last year’s Mania with the Stunner for the ages. Sorry Steve [laugh]”.

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