Bianca Belair wins at Royal Rumble and exceeds 300 days as champion

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Bianca Belair wins at Royal Rumble and exceeds 300 days as champion

Bianca Belair defeated Alexa Bliss in Royal at Royal Rumble 2023, retaining the Raw champion belt after the two went from also teammates, to rivals, when Little Miss Bliss crossed paths with darkness again upon the return of Bray Wyatt to the company.

After a rivalry that lasted a few weeks, EST of WWE managed to keep the title in a fairly quick match, managing to pin Alexa after a KOD in the ring at the Premium Live Event and thus keeping the belt, exceeding 300 days from champion and also touching the record of Becky Lynch, for now the longest-lived champion of the red brand, which is 373 days, if obviously Bianca were to arrive at WrestleMania with the belt around her waist and overcome the obstacle of whoever will challenge her in a match titled.

The thought of a legend about the two champions

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Undertaker spent honeyed words for Becky Lynch but also for the Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair: "Becky is extraordinary.

Being on television every week may not be a good thing often, you can be boring in the long run but she's always evolving. She's making strides on the mic but also in the ring. The women's division is really well set for the future.

Bianca has only scratched the surface of the big star that she will become her. She has an incredible personality and is someone I would love to be very successful. Becky I think is on another level though. Looking at both girls and what they're doing, it's clear they have the potential to be on top for a long time to come." The two had a beautiful rivalry between 2021 and 2022 which gave us two spectacular matches at both SummerSlam and WrestleMania and now they are once again close on this path to making history with the belt.

Chris Dunn, former WWE writer during an interview with the Public Enermies Podcast, told: "I was in a hotel room in Tampa and we were watching some sort of football game and an assistant had just left the Royal Rumble meeting (2021).

that is done the night before and they changed the ending and Charlotte Flair was going to take it out and Bianca Belair was going to be eliminated like in the middle of the match and they switched Charlotte to Bianca. Vince, if you watch the Royal Rumble tomorrow, you have Edge winning and Charlotte winning.

We're not creating any new stars' and I think that really impacted him and Bianca was in a moment where it made sense for her to win and she had to win and she did a great job with that. promo place match and it was amazing and great."

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