Charlotte Flair on Mental Crisis

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Charlotte Flair on Mental Crisis

Charlotte Flair talked about many topics in an interview with Ryan Satin's Out of Character. Charlotte Flair is a great wrestler, who has amazed us many times with her moves. Her decision to take a break surprised many, but Flair now spoke about her return, as well as the questions she asked herself.

“I was pretty disconnected. It’s like, what do I want? What does Manny and I want? What does the future look like? This time has gone by so fast and everyone says it does, and it has. In the same breath, I still feel like there’s all these things I want to do, but I keep getting asked all these questions like, am I supposed to want to be done? I never thought of it that way, so disconnecting for me was more like, when I joined FCW that turned into NXT and my brother died, I just never looked back and just threw myself into work.".

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Charlotte Flair and her life

In the course of the day, Flair was thinking about many things. She was deeply affected by the death of her brother. In order to bring her adrenaline level to a higher level, she was looking for something else to do.

"This was the first time, like, what do I like other than wrestling? You know, not worried about the pressure, the storylines, the being on, just like, none of it. I had to. Everyone always asked me, ‘What is there left to do?’ I’m like, ‘Well, am I not supposed to want that next juicy storyline or that feud that makes you not want to turn the channel?’ That’s what performing is all about?” Since Flair is a great wrestler, many are happy to see her return again.

Charlotte Flair