Jim Ross recalls the aftermath of the Chris Benoit tragedy

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Jim Ross recalls the aftermath of the Chris Benoit tragedy

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wanted to remember the consequences of the tragedy of Chris Benoit. In June 2007, the former heavyweight champion killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel before committing suicide. A month later, Vince Mcmahon called JR and asked him to represent the company at Daniel and Nancy's funerals.

In the latest edition of the Grilling JR podcast, Jim confided that he had received a very hostile reception that day: "Everyone was looking at me wrong, it was like I had done something terrible. I was there to show the company's support, but the truth is, I wasn't a welcome guest.

I received a very bad reception as I represented WWE. I was treated badly unfairly and I felt guilty, even though I had done nothing wrong."

Jim Ross' discomfort

The question of whether Chris Benoit could be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame has been around for years.

Jim Ross believes the former Canadian superstar should not receive this accolade, although he deeply admired his skills in the ring. "Chris was a formidable wrestler and we all wish that tragedy never happened. What happened is neither justifiable nor forgivable by man.

No one knows why Benoit behaved like that." On the latest edition of the Cheap Heat Productions podcast, former WWE star Rory McAllister provided more details on what went on behind the scenes in the hours following Chris Benoit's death.

"After hearing the news of Chris Benoit's death, WWE worked tirelessly to dedicate the next episode of Raw to his memory. At that juncture, it was not yet clear how things had gone. However, rumors began to circulate that there was something strange at the scene of the tragedy.

It was a very difficult moment for everyone. I remember looking at Robbie and saying: What if we were doing all this for a man who killed his wife and child?' We tried in every way to distract ourselves, but it was impossible to push that thought away."