Roman Reigns may be taking a break after WrestleMania 39

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Roman Reigns may be taking a break after WrestleMania 39

The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns hasn't stopped for a second since his return in 2020, after being absent for a period of time following the outbreak of the pandemic, later going on to join Paul Heyman to win the Universal title and found the Bloodline .

Right now though, Roman Reigns is facing his Road to WrestleMania which will lead him to clash with Cody Rhodes at the Showcase of the Immortals for his WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, with the two having an excellent match during the last episode of SmackDown confrontation in the ring.

But it is thought that after all this, Roman Reigns may decide to take a break, given that there are some rumors circulating that he is not among the protagonists of the next Premium Live Events such as Money in the Bank, and Paul Heyman spoke about this with Sports Illustrated.

Roman Reigns may be taking a break after WrestleMania 39

He said: "I mean, we're talking a lot of speculation. I'm firmly placed in the context of Tribal Chief Roman Reigns' special counsel and wise man. I'm sure there are things I can do in my spare time if there ever comes a time when we take a break break.

The Right Deal (when asked why he doesn't have a podcast). The market is hotter than yesterday, the market will be hotter tomorrow than it is today. Of course I can (when asked if he can now while working for WWE). Thank you for your confidence in my ability to deliver on and beyond promises on this one”.

As reported in the last few hours by Xero News, WWE could decide to make the feud between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns even more interesting with a Triple Threat Match after WrestleMania, or in the Premium Live Event that bears the name of Backlash, with in the middle also Seth Rollins: "Behind the scenes he is pushing for a Triple Threat Match at Backlash between Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Cody Rhodes.

IF that Triple Threat Match happens, there could be a possibility that it could be for the WWE Championship."

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