For Google, Roxanne Perez died after collapsing at NXT!

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For Google, Roxanne Perez died after collapsing at NXT!
For Google, Roxanne Perez died after collapsing at NXT!

Immediately after the last episode of NXT which took place on Tuesday night, Roxanne Perez kept her title of NXT Women's Champion from the assault of the athlete Meiko Satomura, in a very tough contest that left quite important aftermath for the champion.

Immediately after the fight, in fact, Roxanne collapsed in the ring, passing out in front of everyone, in what seemed like an angle orchestrated really well by the company and NXT management. However, many were very concerned about the girl's health, so much so that something even went so far as to modify her data on Google, exaggerating quite a bit about her, even making her pass for deceased.

In the last few hours, in fact, for those looking for news about her on the American Google pages, they found themselves faced with a chilling discovery, namely that on March 8, the athlete had died at just over 20 years old, which it isn't absolutely true.

Roxanne and Fear at NXT

During the last episode of NXT, a special episode called NXT Roadblock, in the card we found a very special and particular match, because the NXT champion Roxanne Perez went up against the legend Meiko Satomura, a beautiful match between two different generations of wrestlers.

Obviously, Meiko being a legend and having a very strong style, the match was very exhausting for the young Perez, who in the end managed to keep her belt firmly on her waist, but found herself collapsing to the mat as soon as it was all over, with Satomura immediately becoming concerned for her by inviting doctors and WWE personnel to show up in the ring to help her.

When the show went off the air, Shawn Michaels asked the medical staff a few questions to find out how the girl was doing, helping everyone carry the gurney to the ambulance that was waiting for them. In a social update, WWE announced that Perez would be taken to the hospital and held there overnight to be monitored and undergo some tests.

For now it is not known whether it is in the storyline or not, but it is very likely that it is since WWE rarely stops programming when something so serious happens by showing it to the public and the scene also very much reminded of the one several years earlier between Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart.

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