Kane does not rule out his sensational return to the ring in WWE

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Kane does not rule out his sensational return to the ring in WWE

One of the most iconic characters of the last 25 years of WWE is undoubtedly Kane, an athlete who spent most of his time in the McMahon rings with a mask on his face and who helped write truly surreal and magical pages in the world of pro- wrestling for years, with its dark and evil gimmick.

Currently, Kane holds the role of mayor, in Knox county, in America, with Glenn Jacobs (real name of the athlete), who thus covers a truly important role for the whole community where he lives. In his latest interview with PWMania's, Kane wanted to talk about multiple topics, including WWE's return to the ring.

Regarding this topic, Kane said: "I will always leave the door open. In WWE, you can never say never. I don't know if that will ever happen. I do different things here and there in WWE. This is a part of me and it's something I enjoy doing and want to do for the rest of my life.

If anything comes out in the ring, I don't know. Maybe you need to ask Kane this question."

Kane and the trips to the USA with Brock Lesnar and Undertaker

Apparently, for a long period of his career, in the early 2000s, Kane traveled for months with The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, as revealed only years later by the Beast of WWE.

In his last speech to the microphones of the Stone Cold Podcast, the former WWE Champion wanted to think back to his debut in WWE in 2002, after having passed through OVW together with the likes of John Cena and Batista, with The Beast who also wanted to talk about his traveling companions from show to show, which were often the Brothers Of Destruction: Kane and The Undertaker.

Regarding his road trips, covering hundreds of miles from stop to stop on the company, Lesnar said: "I always asked to travel with Kane and Taker. 'Can I jump in the car with you, will I sit in the back? I'll also get gas, whatever it takes' Very often they made me go with them and then instead I started traveling with Curt (Hennig ed ) and Big Boss Man." According to Lesnar, traveling with two sacred monsters like Kane and The Undertaker would have helped him grow considerably in the pro-wrestling world, as well as in the backstage of the company, which eventually happened, years later, making him one of the most sought after wrestlers and established throughout the history of the Stamford company.