How is Jerry Lawler after hospitalization?

In a new Twitter update, we can see that the legend is back home and making a strong recovery

by Lorenzo Ciotti
How is Jerry Lawler after hospitalization?

In the first days of February 2023, an illness had taken Jerry The King Lawler by surprise, with the WWE Hall of Famer who would have suffered a stroke in his home and then rushed to the hospital where he was operated on and then hospitalized for a few days.

During the penultimate update via the legend's official social pages, we learned that his conditions have fortunately improved: "Jerry is out of intensive care and will return to his home in Florida for home rehabilitation due to the limitation of speech and the cognitive abilities.

Doctors hope for a full recovery and Jerry looks forward to returning to his fans very soon - Lauryn." In a new Twitter update, we can see that the legend is back home and making a strong recovery, with PWInsider reporting the following on March 10, 2023 about Jerry Lawler's condition: "The WWE Hall of Famer and Memphis wrestling legend has recovered enough to be able to return home to Memphis, TN this morning.

Lawler had stayed at his Florida home for outpatient treatment after suffering a stroke in February”.

The story of what happened

In a previous update, Dutch Mantell had also recounted how things had gone that day: "When I read the reconstructions of what happened in the newspapers, I investigated and discovered that they were not accurate.

Lawler wasn't found face down in his Fort Myers apartment, that's fake. I'll tell you in detail what happened that Monday. Jerry was alone in his apartment because his partner was still in Memphis and was coming down the next day.

Lawler got on his moped and joined a group of friends. When he entered the club, people immediately realized that something was wrong with him. Thankfully, the club owner's daughter knew exactly what was going on. She knew Jerry was going to have a stroke because she is a nurse working at a hospital that specializes in stroke patients.

In some ways, you can tell Jerry was very lucky."