What are the health conditions of Roxanne Perez

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What are the health conditions of Roxanne Perez

On the March 7 episode of WWE Nxt, Roxanne Perez collapsed to the ground after her title match against legend Meiko Satomura, with the champion having managed to keep the belt firmly around her waist before being rushed to the hospital.

But, as Shawn Michaels communicated on Twitter, her health conditions haven't improved that much, even if the wrestler is now at her home, so NXT will have to reassign the belt and will do it with a Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver on the weekend of WrestleMania 39.

In a new update by Dave Meltzer however, given that it is not clear whether it is all fiction or part of a storyline, the journalist wanted to explain how things are backstage between WWE and Roxanne: "The reason why it is so vague it's because the actual situation is really so vague, they don't actually know what exactly is going on.

So until they act, they're like, Well, we don't know if she's had her title taken away. There's just a lot of stuff in progress. What I've been told is that it's a vague situation in the sense that, hopefully, there's nothing wrong, but there could be."

Does it all serve to cover something else?

The reporter went on to say: "She didn't pass out after the match, that was a cover up that something might or might not happen, and they don't know exactly what, so they angled Shawn Michaels.

I don't know what it is, I've just been told it's a cover story for something, and they don't know exactly what it is, so it's a vague story, because the actual situation is vague." The journalist repeated insistently, as if trying to get this concept of uncertainty behind what we saw into our heads. We just have to wait for any news. What are the health conditions of Roxanne Perez?