Charlotte Flair: "That's why I had to be absent from WWE for months"

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Charlotte Flair: "That's why I had to be absent from WWE for months"
Charlotte Flair: "That's why I had to be absent from WWE for months" (Provided by Financial World)

In the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown aired in 2022, Charlotte Flair made her return to the WWE rings, after months of absence from the company's rings, also going on to win the absolute title of the blue show, snatching it from the previous champion: Ronda Rousey.

After months spent at home recovering from physical problems and also a marriage with former WWE athlete, Andrade, Charlotte has thus returned to her beloved crowd, always divided between those who love her and those who hate her.

In her last interview, Charlotte also wanted to tell the reasons that led her to be absent for so long from WWE programming, with her absence lasting about half a year. In fact, speaking to the microphones of the Daily Mail, in the Daily Star section, Charlotte said: "I've been under pressure for so long that I needed a refresher.

I wanted to get married, I wanted to have time for him and then also be outside to realize, that's all I wanted, as much as to come back in the ring and fight for you guys and that's my kind of challenge because I didn't know if you had the same feeling."

Charlotte and the desire to work with Andrade

Although both have worked in a long juncture with the McMahon family in WWE, Andrade and Charlotte Flair have never worked together in the rings of the Stamford company.

In a recent interview with Forbes, The Queen was asked if she would like to be able to team up with her husband on-screen in the ring sooner or later, and she replied: "I hope so, yes. Just let him be happy. I just want to be with him in front of the cameras." Furthermore, Charlotte is not in a hurry for this to happen, she thinks it's okay to wait because anyway you know, sooner or later things happen in wrestling, even if there are some obstacles in the way, such as a retirement or a change of course: "I don't think you can give a deadline in wrestling.

I mean, look at Lita and Trish coming back how many years later. I'd like to be with him as soon as possible, but that's what fate has in store for us."

Charlotte Flair