John Cena on the reasons why he respects Ric Flair so much

"You don’t want to live like today is your last day"- Cena said.

by Sead Dedovic
John Cena on the reasons why he respects Ric Flair so much

The Whiskey Ginger podcast brings us interesting guests. It was the same this time. John Cena, a man who has so much success behind him, this time commented on some more experienced wrestlers who left a special mark on him. Cena has a lot of respect for c, especially because of his character and the energy he possesses.

“I don’t think there’s a comparison, Ric Flair. He just has so much energy. Also, he’s got such a tremendous lust for life, and I’m drawn to that. I’m drawn to people who love life. There is a tipping point where it becomes counterproductive.

You don’t want to live like today is your last day. It could be, but I try to find a little bit of balance”. - John Cena said, as quoted by

John Cena on Pat Patterson

John Cena is a wrestler who has enormous energy, desire, and passion for many things in life.

It's no wonder why he appreciates Ric Flair so much, but also Pat Petterson. He uses every moment to find himself in the company of such people. Especially the more experienced ones. “He was always great. Pat Patterson was always great.

The late Pat Patterson was always great, because these guys, not only are there because they want to socialize and share, they have all this fucking wisdom, and they’re not — Ric especially, and Pat, they weren’t jaded.

Ric still isn’t jaded. We all have bad days, but he loves it. So he’s not one of those guys who will drink and be like, ‘Fuck this. You don’t understand. They fuc*ed me, and this is how they fuc*ed me.’ Like, I just whoever that element was, it just never went around. I just always gravitated toward people who are having a good time”.

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