Ric Flair praises Sting: "At 64 he still manages to steal the show"

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Ric Flair praises Sting: "At 64 he still manages to steal the show"
Ric Flair praises Sting: "At 64 he still manages to steal the show"

After leaving WWE Sting would seem to have found new lifeblood in AEW, proving that he is still able to stay in the ring without looking bad. Of the same opinion was the Nature Boy Ric Flair, who wanted to send a message of esteem towards The Icon on social media.

"Sting, you are an American treasure. At 64 you still manage to steal the show. Thank you Tony for treating him with great respect." S ting wrestled in a 6 man tag team match on the last episode of Dynamite, along with Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy, getting the winning pinfall Kip Sabian.

The Icon later replied to the message with: "Love you, Ric." The contract that binds Sting to AEW, signed in 2020, will expire this year but The Icon does not seem to have any intention of returning to WWE, making it clear that he wants to withdraw from Tony Khan's court.

Vince McMahon's treatment of Sting has long been a subject of discussion and even Tony Khan had had his say: "He definitely had a lot more to offer than he was asked there or allowed to do." Knowing that a wrestling federation could have someone like Sting, or actually have someone like Sting under contract knowing that he would want to work, and they wouldn't want to use him, just doesn't make sense to me."

What will be the future of Sting?

There are many who think that Sting may decide to retire against Darby Allin, a protégé of him chosen since his arrival in AEW.

The two teamed up several times, both on weekly shows and on PPVs, but never won the Tag Team Championship. They were also both big stars of The Great Muta's retirement tour, which will be inducted into this year's WWE Hall of Fame.

Sting's intention is to retire definitively without promising other matches as done by Ric Flair who played a match at the age of 73, arousing more than legitimate concerns among fans.

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