Eric Bischoff on CM Punk: I wouldn’t give that piece of garbage the leverage

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Eric Bischoff on CM Punk: I wouldn’t give that piece of garbage the leverage
Eric Bischoff on CM Punk: I wouldn’t give that piece of garbage the leverage (Provided by Financial World)

Eric Bischoff talked about a variety of topics on his 83 Weeks podcast. Of course, the current topic is the show that will take place at Wembley. Bischoff responded to the suggestion by some that Mercedes Mone and Goldberg should be brought back for this show; “I’m not so sure I would want to bring in a Mercedes or even a Goldberg for a one off like this.

I don’t know that I would do that and I don’t think they’re going to need it, quite honestly. I wouldn’t want the perception, or in this case, maybe the reality, of having to rely on somebody who’s not a part of my company to help sell that house.

I wouldn’t even want Punk on the card. If I’m Tony Khan, I want to be successful. I want to have a huge event. I want it to be successful. I want it to be critically successful. I want fans to have loved it and I want to have done it without someone like CM Punk or certainly without someone like Bill Goldberg or Mercedes.

Nothing against them, in the case of Bill Goldberg, I like Bill a lot. He’s a good dude. If he does end up there, he’ll probably help quite a bit, same with Mercedes Mone, but I would want to be able to go over there and do it on my own and know that my roster, my stories, my brand, is what sold that event, not relying on somebody else”.

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Eric Bischoff on CM Punk

Bischoff seems to be especially angry with CM Punk, who he doesn't have a great opinion of after all the scandals. “As far as Punk goes, I wouldn’t give that piece of garbage the leverage.

I wouldn’t want him to think for a second that he is the reason that event sold out, or got close to, or whatever it is. I wouldn’t let him even for a moment think that he had anything to do with the success of what I was doing over in the UK, if I was Tony.

My opinion of him is based on what I, after having been a wrestling fan almost all my life and spent 30 some odd years in the business, look for when I’m looking at talent. To me, the cat is overrated. I don’t give a f**k who’s spending $52 million on him.

I think that’s like the dumbest move in the world. There’s gonna be some executive somewhere that’s going to be wishing they didn’t make that call. I just don’t get it. I don’t."

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