Jeff Jarrett on WWE storylines and their importance

"There’s so many finishes being done out there, again it goes back to the basics."

by Sead Dedovic
Jeff Jarrett on WWE storylines and their importance

In his "My World with Jeff Jarrett," Jeff Jarrett talked about various topics, and one of them was the WWE storyline and how much more important it is now than before. Jarrett revealed why it is now: “You have so much content being made out there that I think finishes in a lot of ways has almost become somewhat of a blur because in any week’s time, the wrestling audience gets to see however many on RAW, Dynamite, Rampage, SmackDown, MLW, Impact, NWA, all the YouTube they want to watch.

It goes streaming, broadcast, cable. There’s so many finishes being done out there, again it goes back to the basics. A story now is everything. It’s the only thing that’s going to resonate with the audience because matches and finishes, there’s too much out there for it to matter”.

- he said, as quoted by

Jeff Jarrett and Sawyer Brown

Jarrett also talked bout collaboration with Sawyer Brown. Jarrett reminisced about the fond memories and trends of the time. “Later Mark (Miller) would be in the beginning of TNA.

Mark is the lead singer of Sawyer Brown. Way back when, they won the country version of American Idol in a show called Star Search. They exploded onto the scene. They were country. They had a little pop to them. They were a super successful country music act throughout the 90s.

They are still out on the road to this day. They went to high school with Ron and Don (Harris). I met Mark in the late 80s and we were buddies. He was the one who actually introduced me to Toby (Keith). We remained friends and buddies.

The Double J and the Tennessee Lee, okay, how are we going to keep progressing this? Here’s this wanna be country music singer who hadn’t sung. It’s been three years and I still haven’t sung. I did the lip sync video.

I said, ‘Let’s put some bite into it.’ That’s how it all came about. ‘All right Jeff. Can you really sing?’ Well, the best way to do that is let’s let him sing with a legitimate act. Again, these guys had number one after number one in the country music genre.

Mark was a super successful businessman as well as a country music artist. One of their hit songs, Some Girls Do, I sang a verse and he sang a verse and we traded. We sang the chorus and off we went. It was to put some bite behind the Double J character that okay, this is different than the lip synching dude we saw three years earlier”.