Jungle Boy on 'throwing up' due to nervousness before matches in AEW

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Jungle Boy on 'throwing up' due to nervousness before matches in AEW
Jungle Boy on 'throwing up' due to nervousness before matches in AEW (Provided by Financial World)

"Jungle Boy" Jack Perry talked about his career and interesting moments before AEW Double Or Nothing 2023. One of the topics was his beginnings in AEW and how it all looked. It wasn't easy to handle the pressure and compete alongside such big names, but Perry knew how much he loved wrestling.

“I think when I first came in, it was like a huge deal for me like I’m wrestling on TV with these guys who are the best wrestlers in the world. At first, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can hang with these because it’s like a whole new world.’ So it was nice to have a partner there for that.

The way our team worked out, I ended up doing 90% of the work all the time anyways, but it was nice to have someone else there with me experiencing that for the first time. Because we were both freaking out, like, ‘Oh my god, we’re about to wrestle The Young Bucks or Kenny, like whatever it was”.

- Perry said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Jungle Boy on throwing up

Jungle Boy is still nervous before most of his matches and has revealed that he even throws up many times. Nervousness is at its peak when you enter the ring and have such important matches.

However, over time, he built up his self-confidence, and he believes in himself much more. “Now, I still get nervous. I throw up in a trash can most weeks before I go, but in a way, most of the jitters are gone. I know I can hang in there with all these guys.

I know I can do what I’m here to do. So now that that part’s kind of out of the way, I feel more confident in what I’m doing. You know, just trying to improve a little every time. It’s all you can really ask for, but I feel good, and really set and prepared to go out on my own now, kind of make the most of it”.