WWE mourns the death of Superstar Billy Graham

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WWE mourns the death of Superstar Billy Graham
WWE mourns the death of Superstar Billy Graham (Provided by Financial World)

At the age of 79, the legendary WWE athlete Superstar Billy Graham sadly passed away, after a long illness that had confined him to a hospital bed for weeks, with Billy Graham being cared for daily by his wife, who had given news to her friend Ric Flair already days ago, when the situation had begun to worsen for the legendary athlete.

The news had been in the air for a few days now, with WWE Hall of Famer's health conditions getting more and more difficult and complicated for days and in the end the terrible news hit everyone. That by now the situation was desperate, the wife of the legendary athlete, considered one of the best heels of all time, had already communicated to us with Valerie Coleman who on Facebook had invited fans to pray for her husband by writing: "The doctors wanted to pull the plug, but I refused.

He is a fighter and his spirit is very strong, even though his body is not anymore. God is our hope." In the meantime, a fundraiser had also started to pay the wreslter's medical expenses, which managed to put together 14,000 dollars.

WWE mourns the death of Superstar Billy Graham

Thus ends the life of one of the greatest Superstars of the old WWE, when the company was still called WWF and the characters and storylines were much more important than the matches.

After losing a lot of weight and also stopping exercising, Billy Graham's physical situation had become compromised, with doctors having had to attach him to life-saving machines to help him breathe and continue with normal heart and respiratory rhythms to stay health life.

With this message released in the night, however, Ric Flair wanted to communicate to all fans of his colleague and mentor, how Billy Graham passed away, writing: "The Superstar Billy Graham has just left us THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR INFLUENCE about my career!".