Hulk Hogan wants match to celebrate his retirement!

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Hulk Hogan wants match to celebrate his retirement!
Hulk Hogan wants match to celebrate his retirement! (Provided by Financial World)

One of the greatest athletes in the history of WWE and in general in the history of world pro-wrestling, is certainly Hulk Hogan, universally known by all fans of the world, of all ages. Hogan, along with very few other WWE Superstars, such as John Cena, was one of the world's greatest pro-wrestling ambassadors, with his character being known everywhere, even by those who did not follow pro-wrestling.

After also starting a short career as an actor, in several American films of the 80s and 90s, Hogan returned to wrestling, where he fought until a few years ago, when his body said enough, not allowing him anymore to fight.

At the age of 70, Hulk Hogan is back to talking about retirement and last match, in his latest interview for The MMA Hour. To the microphones of the well-known online newspaper, with these words that were also reported on the pages of Ringside News, Hogan in fact stated: "I've always wanted a retirement match but now, I'm not moving from the path I'm on.

So I continue to work hard, continue to train and continue with the rehabilitation and we will see where I am six months from now. All I understand in the wrestling business, brother, is you can never say never."

Hulk Hogan's great physical form at 70 years old

At the moment, Hogan has reached 69 years of age, with the Hulkster who will turn 70 next August, thus reaching the round figure.

Despite the quite advanced age for a wrestler, who has obviously already retired for years, also due to the athlete's physical problems, Hogan has shown in recent weeks a truly enviable physique even for those less than half his age.

confirming how the gym and physical well-being are also good for the soul, with a tweet that has left several fans stunned. But let's see Hogan's words and images: "Train for the future, perfect one task, then use those skills to perfect every aspect of your life.

Body, mind, spirit all work together to achieve greatness in relationships, faith and quality of life. Keep on running wild brother!! Amen HH"

Hulk Hogan