Bret Hart on his favorite match he watched: Wrestling can't get better than that

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Bret Hart on his favorite match he watched: Wrestling can't get better than that
Bret Hart on his favorite match he watched: Wrestling can't get better than that

Bret Hart was a guest on the Johnny I Pro Show. Hart, just like everyone, had idols on the wrestling scene during his childhood. There are many names mentioned by Hart. “My favorite wrestlers growing up were Sweet Daddy Siki, who was one of my favorites.

I should say Abdullah The Butcher was one of my favorites, but I was he was my favorite to hate, like the three afraid of, but he was to me now. Looking back, he was one of the greats of my childhood. He really was a great, evil character.

I had a lot of love and respect for some of the guys like Gene Kiniski and Whipper Watson. I actually watched them when I was really small, so., I had a rich history, so I got lots of there’s some of the guys. I still believe the Canadians are the best wrestlers in the world, Pro wrestlers anyway, for sure”.

- he said, as quoted by

Bret Hart on his favorite match

Hart watched a large number of matches, but one left such an impression on him that he thinks he "can't do better than that". The main actor of the match was Steve Austin.

“Probably my all-time favorite match is going to be the Steve Austin WrestleMania 13 just because it was such a real piece of work. This is a real masterpiece. I don’t know that wrestling can get better than that.

I really just love the whole memory of it. It was such great, great storytelling. Steve Austin was a great wrestler. That was just the one that stands out, tops. But the Iron Man match with Shawn Michaels that’s legendary. That’s no slouch.

That’s not a match. You just go, ‘well, that wasn’t it. That was nothing.’ That was probably the hardest match I ever had in my career. That was definitely. Both have like 2-2 wrestlers in their prime, basically trying to outshine each other for an hour.

And it’s a great match that I would say their rate, I could rate even, and then, of course, Wembley with Davey Boy, the British Bulldog, that was pretty hard to talk about. The beautiful art in that match these two wrestlers again in their prime.

And you know even Undertaker Mr. Perfect, my brother, Owen, WrestleMania 10. I mean, I can just have so many matches to say what my favorites are are really hard ones for sure, but the Austin one stands out the most is just for me.

I love to watch it back because it was one of the most fun matches I ever had and I dreamt it would be fun to watch”.

Bret Hart

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