Rhea Ripley on intergender wrestling: Exciting, I want to see the fear in their eyes

“It’s a different kind of excitement for me"- she said

by Sead Dedovic
Rhea Ripley on intergender wrestling: Exciting, I want to see the fear in their eyes

Intergender wrestling is being mentioned more and more as an option in the future. Many consider such an idea exciting, while there are many who believe that such an option cannot be successful. In an interview with FOX 61, Rhea Ripley revealed that she had doubts about it, but that she would gladly agree to it.

“I’m not too sure,”- Ripley said, as quoted by pwmania.com “For me, I would like to see it, just for the pure fact that I also love beating up the men. I love showing them exactly who I am and proving my dominance”.

Ripley thinks it will look great. She likes being the underdog, but it's especially exciting for her to watch a man who doesn't stand a chance next to her. “It’s a different kind of excitement for me because you get to see the fear in their eyes when they realize that they’ve taken you lightly, that they didn’t take you as a threat, to begin with.

I hope so, for me, but I’m not too entirely sure what the future holds”.

Rhea Ripley and her confidence

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Rhea Ripley spoke about where she got such enormous confidence.

In the early days of her career, Ripley had fears about the opinions of others, but over time she changed that attitude and became the best version of herself. “I’m a very genuine person,” -Ripley said. “When I first started in WWE, I was very timid and scared that I was going to do something wrong.

I wanted to please everyone. That’s why you saw the Rhea Ripley you did. I didn’t think people would gravitate toward me. I thought they wanted something else from me. But it’s amazing. I stopped caring. I know myself better than anyone else. I found the confidence within myself to be myself. That’s the Rhea Ripley you see today”.

Rhea Ripley