Trinity Fatu on the relationship with Mercedes Mone

“We always had, I think, a great special connection"

by Sead Dedovic
Trinity Fatu on the relationship with Mercedes Mone

Trinity Fatu spoke to Sherri Shepherd about her friendship with Mercedes Mone. Fatu has a great relationship with Mercedes Mone and they have similar things in common. At the very start, Fatu spoke about the comfort zone and how difficult it is to get out of it, but it can be said that both of them succeeded in that.

"It’s very difficult sometimes to get out of your comfort zone. And she and I kind of experienced that together, just the unknown, but having her to confide in, especially those times where it really did get hard. That’s my sister for life.

Our relationship goes beyond wrestling”. - she said, as quoted by Their relationship is much more than just wrestling. They had various experiences together and that further strengthened the connection between them.

It can be said that both are great at their jobs and really this kind of love between friends and agreement is what every sport needs more of. “We always had, I think, a great special connection. Just being together in the business over the years, working together, experiencing things together, even real-life stuff, family, we just experienced so much together.

And I think it’s very special when you find people like that in the business where it goes beyond the work to that. Yeah, I love her. She’s the goat, the greatest of all time”.

Trinity Fatu

Trinity Fatu is part of IMPACT, but WWE will always remain in her concert.

She talked about it a month ago in one of the interviews. “WWE will always be my first home,” she said. “My family is still there. My friends are still there. They are still my girls over there in that locker room, but I’m really looking forward to this space in this chapter, in this experience with Impact.

I already I feel so welcomed and at home. That’s been really cool. I just got so much love and support there. I know I’m going to be okay”.