Drew McIntyre on the chance to turn a heel

"People are calling for a heel turn, but.."

by Sead Dedovic
Drew McIntyre on the chance to turn a heel

Many have wondered what it would look like if Drew McIntyre became a heel. Speaking to Armon Sandler on the Stay Busy podcast, McIntyre talked about such an option in the future. The most important thing for him right now is that his career goes in the right direction.

“Staying on the path I’m on right now, I want to make sure I get interesting and compelling stories. It’s cool coming out and getting the cheers. I always want to be in something interesting and get you emotionally invested as well.

There was a period where I wasn’t doing that, and thankfully I got back into it when I got with Sheamus and leading into that triple threat. I want to make sure to keep evolving and keep adding layers to that character and doing all the cool things I get to do outside the ring and get that title reign in front of fans, finally.

The character itself, I’m willing to go any direction that is interesting."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Drew McIntyre on heel role

McIntyre is aware that many would like a heel turn. However, many factors will influence such a decision.

For now, Drew doesn't have such an option in his plans, but he doesn't know what the future holds. "People are calling for a heel turn, but I’m not willing to do that unless it makes perfect sense. We have a lot of equity in Drew McIntyre.

I show up at Special Olympics and see the effect WWE and McIntyre has on people and I can understand Cena’s perspective of not turning. Of course, he’s on a higher level and did so much outside the ring, but I can understand where he was coming from.

For the right time and right moment and it was entertaining for the fans, I would be about that. One of my favorite runs was outside the company as a heel. When that dark side comes out, it’s pretty dark”.

Drew Mcintyre