Kurt Angle on Luther Reigns and why he didn't make it in WWE

Many wonder why Luther Reigns didn't make it in WWE

by Sead Dedovic
Kurt Angle on Luther Reigns and why he didn't make it in WWE

The Kurt Angle Show has always brought us interesting topics from the career of Kurt Angle, but also many other wrestlers who have left their mark or are still leaving their mark on the wrestling scene. The older and younger fans of WWE remember well Eddie Guerrero, the man who was one of the most famous faces of WWE.

Many anecdotes and interesting facts are related to him, precisely because he was a charismatic wrestler with great quality. Kurt Angle had the opportunity to work with him and do comedy segments. Angle was enjoying it. "Yeah.

But that was Eddie. You had to do comedy with Eddie because he was so damn entertaining. People like to laugh when they see Eddie Guerrero. And that’s what Eddie did. He made people laugh”. -he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Kurt Angle on Luther Reigns

Many wonder why Luther Reigns didn't make it in WWE.

Although he had the quality and other characteristics that were key to building a great career, it seems that his focus was on completely different things. Kurt Angle revealed the reasons why Luther did not succeed in WWE. “No, Dave Meltzer is full of s**t.

Okay. I had nothing to do with it. It was all Vince McMahon’s call, and you know what? Who needed the win more? Eddie beat me at WrestleMania. Then he got beat for the title against JBL. So we kind of both need the win. And I never in a million years would say, Hey, make sure Luther Reigns and Eddie Guerrero team or go head to head, and, in the next program, Luther Reigns wasn’t even ready.

Okay. As talented as he was, this guy didn’t work very hard in the ring. He didn’t spend that extra time before the show to get in the ring and train. That’s why Luther Reigns didn’t work out. He didn’t pan out because of his lack of work ethic.

But no, I would never say, Hey, have Luther Reigns against Eddie. That’d be stupid. If Luther were ready, I would’ve pushed it, but he wasn’t ready. He was full of s**t on those two things. I never even spoke to Eddie about it.

Vince McMahon made the call. I didn’t even speak to Vince about it. The one time I called Vince McMahon and said I should win the title because of nine 11. Oh, that’s right, Vince, you’re gonna have to call Stone Cold; if he says yes, you can do it.

I had to call Stone Cold. He said Yes. That’s the only time I got political. And it wasn’t even political. I was asking for Steve’s approval”.

Kurt Angle