Brian Gewirtz recalls Triple H's reaction to to The Rock calling CM Punk on WWE RAW

"I think Triple H said it, kind of tongue-in-cheek. He was not legitimately angry.”- he said

by Sead Dedovic
Brian Gewirtz recalls Triple H's reaction to to The Rock calling CM Punk on WWE RAW

WWE writer, Brian Gewirtz, is currently the Senior Vice President of WWE, and during the episode of The Masked Man Show he discussed a number of interesting topics. It was one of the topics discussed during the conference that Triple H's reaction to former WWE star CM Punk's phone call after an episode of WWE RAW when both of them were filming a scene for the movie Fighting With My Family during an episode of WWE RAW.

Gewirtz said; “The only time it ever kind of maybe qualified (possibly having to cut someone’s microphone) is when we were shooting Fighting with my Family at Staples Center and The Rock was in the ring and they’re chanting CM Punk and Rock, he doesn’t know what’s going on with the whole Punk-WWE backstage stuff and he pulls out his phone and is like, ‘Hey!

What if I called CM Punk right now!?’ And then Triple H turns to me back in Gorilla and was like, ‘Someone wanna remind him we’re in a f*cking lawsuit with this guy!’. And Punk didn’t answer. He was doing something else at the time and so, it didn’t really matter and I think it was more said — I think Triple H said it, kind of tongue-in-cheek.

He was not legitimately angry”. - he said, as quoted by

The Rock

“First of all, The Rock does look at his social media. I don’t know how much you can cover when you have millions upon millions and millions of followers but somehow, he saw the Grayson Waller thing.

We haven’t discussed it (Johnson getting involved with The Bloodline). I personally don’t think — obviously, there are bigger things going on in the world in general but even in the entertainment landscape, I would be — let’s just say this, even though WWE is not affiliated with any of the Guilds and not affiliated with S.A.G., I still think it’s a bad look for a prominent actor like The Rock, (John) Cena, Batista to appear on an entertainment program while there’s a strike going on while people are not getting paid and are striking and picketing every single day.

Yes, it’s not the same but it’s also like, appearing on television in an entertainment capacity, it’s just not a great look when there’s a strike going on, for one thing. So I would say this, I would be shocked if The Rock appeared anytime soon while the strike is going on, but I would be equally, if not more shocked, if the Rock never appeared in a WWE ring again, and figuring in this storyline at some point too.

But everything, it needs to be crafted and discussed and thought about and if The Rock — again, we’ve never talked about this. Just my opinion. If The Rock all of a sudden tweeted something about The Bloodline, it’s not like if I tweeted something about The Bloodline.

Who gives a sh*t? If he tweeted something about The Bloodline, the gates of hell are open. It’s hard to close the door again once you do it. Once you dip your toe into the pool again, it’s on. You can tweet Grayson Waller and he can tweet back and it can be a funny little exchange and you can mention it again.

But there’s not gonna be this pitchfork-like mentality of what are you waiting for? Do it. You started it. So you can have fun with that sort of thing but once you start doing The Bloodline thing, then it’s time to go and that’s why you gotta be very, very judicious and careful about it in my opinion”.

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