Jey Uso; Early career, love life and net worth

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Jey Uso; Early career, love life and net worth

WWE has been of great interest for many years. There are many controversial personalities who appeared in the WWE and then disappeared, but currently one of the more interesting is Jey Uso. Jey Uso was born in San Francisco, California, on August 22, 1985.

His real name is Joshua Samuel Fatu and he is one of the most famous wrestlers at the moment. What he is best known for is making a couple together with his twin brother, and they are on a team called ‘The Usos’.

Also, their parents are wrestlers and they are responsible for where their sons are currently located, and that is the very top of the WWE. There are many belts that the brothers have won together, and indeed they both make a great team- Interestingly, Jey was also a football player at one time, and he tried to try his hand at the sport, but still, life took him to another path.

By all accounts, he was a great football player and played linebacker. He appeared in the WWE exactly 13 years ago, in 2009, and since then there have been many for whom he has become a role model 2014 is the year in which the brothers won their first title and showed that they have quality

The love life of Jey Uso and net worth

However, what interests people the most is his love life, the life of Jey Uso He has been married to Takecia Travis since 2015.

Some more information about her is not yet known, but one thing is clear; that she was very attractive and that she caught the attention of Jey Uso

It is undeniable that Jey Uso is very popular and earns a lot, so it is not surprising that he could earn a lot more in the coming years.

Takecia Travis and Jey Uso have two children, Jey and Jimy In addition to the love life, most are interested in the net worth of Jey Uso, and according to the information we learned, his net worth is about $ 2 million and it could grow significantly It must be admitted that Jey Uso has a great life and is currently living his best days. He is happily married, everything is going great financially, and he has two healthy children.