The Undertaker in the crew of the Royal Rumble 2022!

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The Undertaker in the crew of the Royal Rumble 2022!

In the last few hours and weeks there has been a lot of talk about which athletes and which athletes could still take part in this year's Royal Rumble 2022, with the company of the McMahons who have already revealed numerous surprises, especially for the women's Rumble, that no one expected, like the presence of Mickie James, current champion of IMPACT Wrestling, who will take part in the real fight against thirty women of the WWE.

As for the real brawl of men, no great athlete of the past has yet been announced by the company, with the only surprise that for the moment is being advertised by the WWE, which is that of Johnny Knoxville, actor of the successful Jackass series who is already seen in several segments with Sami Zayn in that of Friday Night Smackdown in the last installments of the Friday night show.

According to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known overseas site, PW Insider, it seems that The Undertaker will also be present in the backstage of the Royal Rumble, with the legendary athlete of the company who is not expected to go to fight any match, much less the real brawl to 30 men.

The Undertaker in the crew of the Royal Rumble 2022!

Most likely, The Undertkaer will accompany his wife Michelle McCool on her comeback with the company, with the athlete taking part in the WWE 30-woman royal brawl. According to other sources, The Undertaker could also take part in the recordings of some content for WWE and its Network, with the federation usually using the backstage of the big ppv to stage some new programs from its on-demand collection.

With this year's edition of Wrestlemania based in Dallas, in Deadman's home state of Texas, it is very likely that WWE will introduce it to its Hall of Fame right in 2022, with such an announcement that it could come directly.

on the night dedicated to the Royal Rumble, to start the company's Road to Wrestlemania in the best possible way. Speaking in the latest edition of Smack Talk on Sportskeeda, wrestling expert Bill Apter has ruled out The Undertaker's participation in the Royal Rumble: "The Royal Rumble is getting closer and closer and the first speculations have already begun that Taker will be present in the city.

Everyone knows that his wife Michelle McCool will be attending the event, so there is nothing to talk about. The Digger will go there to see her compete from the monitor. He may also be involved in some WWE Network projects." Dutch Mantell echoed: “I don't think we'll see him at the Royal Rumble.

He will only go there to be close to his wife. I understand that many people would like him to return to the ring, but those days are now over."