The Miz; Career, marriage, children, net worth

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The Miz; Career, marriage, children, net worth

Michael Gregory Mizanin known by the nickname The Miz is currently a wrestler who performs for the WWE, but he did not start his career there. He appeared in 2001 on MTV in The Real World and after that in many other reality shows, all under the auspices of MTV, which at the time had incredible popularity.

With the help of Tough Enough, he managed to win a contract with WWE although he failed to beat his opponent in the final. This was followed by successes in the WWE, where he marked a period of the organization and showed that he is a great entertainer and fighter.

There are many titles he has won with his work and it must be admitted that he deserved it. Many are wondering what his net is worth, ie how much he has managed to earn so far in his career. By some average, The Miz earned $ 14 million.

However, in addition to WWE, The Miz makes a profit in various other ways, especially through PPV appearances.

Wife and kids of The Miz

His wife's name is Maryse, and they seem to be living in a happy marriage. They have two children Monroe Sky (3) and Madison Jade (1), “Our kids are three and one-and-a-half so they don’t really understand WWE yet,” Miz said in an exclusive interview.

“What we let them watch is usually our entrances, because they like the music, they like the lights, they like seeing the pyro, that’s the fun stuff. We don’t really let them watch the fighting and that kind of stuff yet.

”- The Miz said, as quoted by forbes “They’re just not into it,” added Maryse. “I don’t think they’re into it as much because they just don’t understand but they like what’s loud and colorful and that’s why the entrances are fun”. It must be admitted that The Miz has an exciting life