Roman Reigns: "I still feel the effects of COVID-19"


Roman Reigns: "I still feel the effects of COVID-19"

In the first ppv staged by WWE on January 1st, or Day One, in which Brock Lesnar became the new WWE Champion of Monday Night Raw, there was a huge absentee, who should instead have been one of the protagonists of the evening.

We are talking about the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, the Universal champion, Roman Reigns. The absence of Roman Reigns was forced due to his positivity found to covid-19, a pandemic virus that between the end of 2021 and the beginning of this 2022, attacked numerous Superstars of the McMahon company, including Seth Rollins and his wife Becky Lynch.

Apparently, the situation after being affected by the virus is not the same for everyone, with many athletes not receiving symptoms of any kind, such as Drew McIntyre last year, who had been affected by the covid without knowing it except with a swab tested positive, as it is asymptomatic.

For Roman Reigns, however, there would still be difficulties to date, which has been almost a month since he negativized him.

Roman Reigns: "I still feel the effects of COVID-19"

To the microphones of the well-known Sports Illustrated site, the Universal champion of Smackdown said: "I still actually feel it.

When I do my workouts because we don't fight much when we're in the six men tag team matches, we don't do as many singles matches as we did before. So I have to keep pushing a lot when I'm training alone and I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that when I get to the Peak on the bike or running, or whatever I'm doing, I can't hold the intensity I used to anymore and I feel a little short of breath.

So, this is very serious. It's wonderful to get the vaccine and get the booster too, I did it too and I still feel the effects. Although it wasn't as hard as it was for many, it still didn't give me a chance to do a lot of things for a while."

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