Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is a Spanish tennis player.  In 2022 he won his first Slam, the US Open, while in 2023 he won the Wimbledon tournament. What makes Alcaraz special is his determination and his maturity on the court. Despite his young age, he seems to have a very professional approach to the game and great self-confidence. Furthermore, he is known for his powerful serve and his aggressive playing style. Alcaraz is still at the beginning of his career, but he seems to have all the ingredients to become one of the future stars of international tennis. 

He began playing tennis since he was a child and quickly distinguished himself with his natural talent. Despite his young age, Alcaraz has already shown that he has great skills on the pitch. He achieved his first major victory in 2020, when he defeated veteran tennis player David Ferrer in the Alicante Challenger. This win brought him some attention and helped earn him a place in the top 500 of professional tennis players.