Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers is a Canadian NHL team. Oilers made a comeback in 2015 thanks to the arrival of young talents like Connor McDavid, one of the most outstanding players of his generation. McDavid has become the voice of the Oilers and continues to demonstrate that he is a leader on the floor and a strong driver of the team. Through its proud past and current talents, the Edmonton Oilers continue to play an important role in the Edmonton community and ice hockey landscape. 

Founded in 1972, the team is one of the most historic and successful in the NHL. The team adopted this name to honor the role oil has played in the city's growth and to create a connection with its residents. The team's identity is therefore deeply rooted in the Edmonton community. The team has had great success over the years, with many championships and high-level players wearing the Oilers jersey. In the 1980s, the Oilers were considered one of the most dominant teams in the entire sport, winning five Stanley Cups in the span of seven seasons.