Google Search is an Internet search engine developed by Google LLC. It is the most visited site in the world. It is so popular that several languages have developed new denominal verbs based on its brand, meaning to search with Google or, more generally, to search on the web. On certain dates the characteristic logo changes, even in an interactive or animated version, to celebrate particular anniversaries linked to the day. The logo in this case is called doodle.

In addition to cataloging and indexing the resources of the World Wide Web, Google Search deals with photos, newsgroups, news, Google Maps, Gmail, shopping, translations, videos and other programs created by Google. In 2005 it acquired the Android operating system and has been operating in the smartphone market with the Google Pixel series since 2016. Google has been criticized for the long-term cookies it places on users' computers. Most search engines, like most websites, place cookies at each access. Most Google services can also be used with cookies disabled. However, at the end of each visit to the site basic control cookies are downloaded onto your computer.