Crude Oil

Crude oil is a liquid mixture of various hydrocarbons, mainly alkanes, which is found in deposits in the upper layers of the earth's crust, and is a primary energy source of modernity. Also called black gold, it is a viscous, flammable liquid, with a color that can vary from black, which is the most frequent, to dark green. The oil that is extracted from deposits before undergoing any treatment to transform it into a processed product is called crude oil.

Crude oil is a viscous liquid whose color varies from light yellow to dark brown or greenish, and in its almost totality its relative density is less than 1, i.e. it has a lower specific weight than water. The color is darker in crude oils containing hydrocarbons with a higher average molecular weight. Its density and viscosity are also linked to the average molecular weight of the components, as the higher the average molecular weight, the denser and more viscous the crude oil is.