Brazil is a country in South America. Most of the country is located in the tropical zone, with the Amazon forest covering 3.6 million square km of its territory, where the seasons are not particularly hostile from a climatic point of view, and which thanks to its vegetation and climate , make it one of the countries with the largest number of animal species in the world. With a surface area of 8515514 km², it is the largest country in South America, the third in the Americas and the fifth in the world.

The official language is Portuguese. The most followed religion is Catholicism, which makes Brazil the state with the largest number of Catholics in the world, followed by a notable growth of Pentecostalism. The Brazilian economy is the largest in Latin America and the ninth in the world by size of nominal GDP and seventh by purchasing power (PPP). Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies and economic reforms have given the country new international recognition, both regionally and globally.