Asia is a geographical region of the world, commonly considered a continent, in turn part of the Eurasian supercontinent together with Europe and of the Euraphrasian one together with Europe and Africa. It is the largest continent in the world, with a surface area over 4.4 times larger than that of Europe and equal to around a third of all the emerged lands and, with around 4.7 billion inhabitants, it is also the largest populated.

Asia is home to many world religions, including the main monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) and many of the best-known polytheistic religions, including: Hinduism (practiced in India and much of Tibet), Buddhism, Shintoism ( major religion of Japan), Lamaism (almost all of Tibet), Confucianism (in Mongolia and northern China) and Taoism (major religion of China). There is also no shortage of animists who are found especially in eastern Siberia.