Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres are a NHL team which play since the season 1970-71.  The name chosen was Sabres, chosen because Seymour Knox thought that the Saber, a weapon used by leaders, was effective as both an offensive and defensive weapon. When the team was created, the Sabers exercised their option to create a satellite team in the AHL: the Cincinnati Swords. In the 2003 film Bruce Almighty, the protagonist, after receiving powers from God, having to respond to thousands of people's requests, decides to say yes to everyone.

He unintentionally ends up, among other things, helping the team from the city where the film is set, the Bufallo Sabres, to win the Stanley Cup. The first owners were Seymour Knox III and Northrup Knox. Buffalo has always been a city dedicated to hockey, Buffalo Byson were one of the pillars of the American Hockey League, winning the Calder Cup in the last year of activity. Wanting a new name, as the term bison is used by several Buffalo sports teams, the Knoxes commissioned a name competition for the team.